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Known for Being

A prominent essayist, novelist, poet, and dramatist writing about gender issues in the nationalist press.

Major Accomplishments

Zaynab Fawwaz was a Lebanese essayist, novelist, poet, and dramatist. She immigrated from south Lebanon to Egypt as a young woman and became a prominent writer on gender issues in the nationalist press.

As a young girl, she was taken into the local ruling household of Ali Bey Al-Assad, and taught to read and write by Ali Bey's consort, Fatima bint Assad Al-Khalil. Eventually, she became the protegee of newspaper publisher and literature Hasan Husni Pasha al-Tuwayrani, in whose newspaper, al-Nil, she published essays in the early 1890's while also publishing in women's journals and other periodicals.
Her essays and poetry were published in Al-Rasa'il al-Zaynabiyya. Like other intellectuals of her time, she wrote across genres, publishing a massive biographical dictionary of famous women, al-Durr Almanthur fi Tabaqat Rabbat al-Khudur (1894), as well as two novels, Good Consequences (1899) and King Kurush, First Sovereign of the Persians (1905), and one play, Passion and Fidelity (1893).
She is considered to be an Arab feminist pioneer since her work is notable for emphasizing the importance of women's access to income-generating employment.

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