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Known for Being

The first Moroccan female pilot.

Major Accomplishments

Touria Chaoui was the first Moroccan young woman to consider flying. She successfully became the first female pilot in Morocco. As the eldest daughter in her family, she was raised by her forward-thinking father to have similar freedoms as the young boys in the Kingdom. When her family moved to Casablanca in 1948, Chaoui graduated high school and her father, who was supportive of her dreams, enrolled her in aviation school. She was the only girl in the aviation school at the time, and had to struggle to be accepted in the program since the school was normally reserved for the training of French Forces.

By the age of 15, Chaoui received her aviation license and became a national figure. She was chosen to showcase her skills at the Sultan Mohammed ben Youssef national event, and was named as the ambassador for women's causes within the Lalla Amina Institution, which helps young girls. Unfortunately, her successful and brilliant career was ended far too soon when she was shot and killed at the age of 19 whilst starting to fly her private plane. Despite the obstacles presented by society, and her tragic murder which is still shrouded in mystery, she set an example for young girls everywhere, showing that they can overcome the odds and accomplish their dreams.

Last modified: 01/08/2019

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