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Known for Being

A pioneer in organizing women's demonstrations and political involvement as Egypt strived for independence from the British Empire.

An Egyptian political activist, one of the central leaders of the Wafd Party.

"The Mother of Egypt".

Major Accomplishments

Safiya Zaghloul was an Egyptian political activist among the first leaders of the Wafd Party. Zaghloul participated in women demonstrations during the 1919 revolution to claim independence from the British Empire. She also contributed directly and effectively in the liberation of Egyptian women.

After her husband’s banishment, Zaghloul issued a statement that was read by her secretary in a mass rally around their house, which people called “the house of the Umma.” “If the brute English force has arrested Saad and his tongue, then his wife and life partner is making God and the homeland witness that she will replace her great husband…and that she considers herself a mother to all those who came out to face bullets for the sake of freedom,” the statement read. Zaghloul was dubbed since that day “the mother of Egyptians,” after a demonstrator shouted “Long live the mother of Egyptians.” Zaghloul continued her political struggle for 20 years after her husband’s death during which she was warned by Egypt’s prime minister Ismail Sedqy Pasha to abandon her activity.

Last modified: 01/09/2019

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