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Nabawiyya Mohamed Musa Badawia

Known for Being

The first headmistress, the first woman supervisor, and first woman manager of schools in Egypt.

An Egyptian Nationalist and Feminist and is recognized as one of the founding feminists of the 20th century in Egypt.

Major Accomplishments

Nabawiyya Mohamed Musa Badawia was a pioneer of women's education in Egypt. She was the first Egyptian girl to have a high-school education in 1907 and maintained this record for 21 years.

For nearly forty years, from 1904-1946, women's education was her main cause. Thanks to her, women were able to go through all the posts of the education process. Earlier, Egyptian women working in this field were allowed only to teach while foreigners worked as managers and supervisors. However, she became the first woman headmistress, supervisor, and manager. When the first non-state-run university was opened in Egypt, Musa Badawia, together with another two pioneers; Malak Hifni Nasif and Labiba Hashem, were invited to give lectures to high-class women students.

Musa Badawia also wrote the book, Fruits of Life in Girl's Education, which in 1908 was adopted as a curriculum by the Egyptian Ministry of Education. One year later, the governor of Al-Fayoum convinced her to be the headmistress of Al-Mohammadia school for girls. After four years of her involvement, the number of the students doubled. Her achievements in Al-Fayoum, Al-Mansoura and Cairo proved her to be a real pioneer of women's education.

Last modified: 02/13/2019

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