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Known for Being

The first woman to serve in Lebanon's Parliament.

Major Accomplishments

Myrna Bustani is a Lebanese business woman, philanthropist and socialite and was the first woman to serve in the Lebanese Parliament from 1963-1964, after she replaced her father as a member of the Lebanese parliament upon his death in a tragic plane accident in 1963. Bustani is a big contributor towards cultural events in Lebanon and a patron of the arts. She is the chairperson of the Al Bustan International Festival in Lebanon and the owner of the Al Bustan Hotel, a five star hotel located in Beit Meri, Lebanon.

Bustani is a partner at the Construction and Trading Company (CAT Group). She is a member of the Founding Board of Governors of the Center for Lebanese Studies, Oxford. Bustani graduated from the Faculty of Arts, Lyon University with a BS in psychology in 1958. After her father's death, Bustani not only took the role of her father in the Lebanese Parliament, but also played a leadership role in his business positions at various companies. In 1985, she established the Emile Bustani Middle East Seminar at her father's U.S. alma mater MIT, to honor his memory and pursue his devotion to higher education and peace in the region.

Last modified: 01/08/2019

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