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Known for Being

A pioneer in women's political activism in Lebanon.

The co-founder of the Lebanese Women's Council and Lebanese Human Rights Association.

Major Accomplishments

Laure Moghaizel was a major voice for women's rights in Lebanon, the Middle East, and the international community. In Lebanon, she struggled for half a century to reform legislation concerning women's rights and was an advocate for women's participation in politics. She transformed Lebanese women's activism from its focus on philanthropic activities, reserved to women from the haute bourgeois society, into a modern political movement. Moghaizel helped institutionalize women's political activism by establishing, with other pioneers, the Lebanese Council of Women, and the Lebanese Human Rights Association.
Moghaizel became a voice for Lebanese women in the Arab Women Federation, serving as its vice president in 1959. Starting in 1960, she represented Lebanese and Arab women in the International Council of Women and served as its vice president for several terms. In 1996, she acted as Lebanon's representative to the Human Rights Committee of the United Nations.

Last modified: 01/09/2019

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