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Known for Being

The first of two women to be appointed minister in Tunisia.

The first Tunisian woman to hold a degree in philosophy.

Major Accomplishments

Fethia Mokhtar Mzali was the first Tunisian woman to obtain a degree in philosophy, she obtained it in 1952 from the prestigious Sorbonne university in Paris. Upon her return to Tunisia, Mzali worked as a teacher, then headmistress at the Teacher's College in Tunisia. In 1956, after Tunisian independence, Mzali was one of the founders of the National Union of Women in Tunisia, for which she served as president from 1974-1986.

In 1957, Mzali was elected as a municipal councillor for the city of Tunisia, and in 1959, was the first woman in Tunisia to give a speech about birth control. In 1983, Mzali was appointed as Minister for Family and Women in the government of her husband, Prime Minister Mohammed Mzali. Souad Yaacoubi was appointed the Minister of Public Health at the same time, making the two women the first to serve in the country's cabinet.

Last modified: 01/09/2019

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