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Known for Being

The first woman at Cairo University to hold a University post.

The first Assistant Professor at Faculty of Sciences of Cairo University.

The first foreigner to visit the secret US atomic facilities.

An Egyptian nuclear scientist.

Major Accomplishments

Dr. Sameera Moussa was a world-renowned Egyptian nuclear scientist. Moussa held a doctorate in atomic radiation, specializing in making the medical use of nuclear technology affordable to all. She was the first assistant professor at the Faculty of Sciences at Cairo University, as well as the first woman at the university to hold a university post thanks to her groundbreaking PhD in atomic radiation in the 1940s. Moussa organized the International Atomic Energy for Peace Conference, calling on prominent scientists to create a committee to protect against nuclear hazards, as well as making nuclear treatment more accessible. She said, “I’ll make nuclear treatment as available and as cheap as Aspirin.” Moussa received a Fulbright scholarship to study at modern research facilities at the California University.

In recognition of her pioneering nuclear research, she was given permission to visit the secret US atomic facilities. The visit raised vehement debate in the United States Academic and Scientific circles since Moussa was the first foreigner to have access to such facilities. Today, Moussa has been awarded several prizes (the 1953 honor by the Egyptian Army, and the 1981 Order of Science and Arts) but most importantly, she has paved the way for Egyptian, Arab and African women scientists.

Last modified: 03/11/2019

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