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Known for Being

The first Ambassador of Morocco to European Union.

One of the first woman ministers in Morocco.

An author, university professor, Moroccan sociologist, women's rights activist and diplomat.

Major Accomplishments

Dr. Aïcha Belarbi is the first Ambassador of Morocco to the European Union, one of the first women ministers in Morocco, a sociologist, and a professor and researcher at Mohammed V University in Rabat. She has a PhD in literature and humanities from the Sorbonne, and an MBA in Sociology of Education from Mohamed V University, Rabat.

Her research encompasses four fields: women’s rights, women’s education, gender, and dialogue between civilizations and cultures (including interfaith dialogue and international migration). During her academic career she led many research projects, gave lectures, and led seminars internationally. Formerly, she was a director of “the Collectif Approach” a research and publishing group, where she contributed to the publication of ten books on Moroccan women on statutes and perspectives of change. She has several publications on childhood, gender, girl’s and women’s education in Morocco and the Arab World, education for human rights, the euro-Mediterranean process, Islam in Europe, and migration.

Belarbi has a diverse professional career. She was a professor and researcher at the Faculty of Sciences of Education, Rabat from 1976 to 1998, a sociologist and political influencer, and a human rights activist. Belarbi is a founding member of the Moroccan Organization of Human Rights, and former member of the Scientific Committee of the Arab Institute of Human Rights. She was also a member of different Arab and Western Human Rights organizations such as The Initiative for Peace and Cooperation in the Middle East, The Human Rights Watch, The Lawyers Committee for Human Rights, and the International Commission of Jurists.

Belarbi was appointed as Secretary of State in charge of Cooperation in 1998, and as the first Moroccan Ambassador to the European Union. She was also nominated as Commissioner within the Global Commission on International Migration. Additionally, Belarbi participated in the Euromed migration project II (2008/2011) through research entitled “Women migration between MEDA countries and the European Union,” which was published in 2011 in three languages. She was also a member of the Moroccan commission for equality and parity (2013), and the jury president of the women film festival of Salé (2014).

Last modified: 01/09/2019

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