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Women Leaders

Making a Difference: Inspirational Arab Women Leaders

In the Arab World, as in all the regions of the world, women face social obstacles in their journey towards accomplishment and success. However, where there are obstacles, restrictions, and discrimination, there is a will to overcome them. From among those women who have a strong will to overcome impediments and who act on this will, many leaders emerge.

Such women leaders push the envelope by refusing to stay within the roles prescribed for them. These women move forward, and rise higher than society expects. They become leaders in their fields and sectors and bring about increased women’s rights, equity, and a more balanced approach to gender roles . Women leaders raise the bar for women’s advancement in both their countries and in the Arab World as a whole.

We at the Women as Partners in Progress (WPP) project worked diligently to create this directory of women leaders. This directory, presently features 97 women leaders. Of course, it is a work in progress and in fact will never be complete. The scope of achievement among women leaders in the Arab countries is expansive, the influence they command in their various fields is substantive, and the directory will be expanded continually as a resource on impactful leaders from across the Arab countries. The 97 women leaders featured in the first iteration of this HUB push limits and forge paths for all women in the region so that women, societies, and future generations, can reach new heights.

May Rihani