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Major Positions

Executive Director of Masar Association.
Secretary of the Youth Forum for Youth Policy.

Major Accomplishments

Rania Sabaayon is the Executive Director of Masar Association and the Secretary of the Youth Forum for Youth Policy, a non-governmental network that is recognized by the Lebanese Government to work on youth policy. Sabaayon holds a Masters degree in social development, and has worked extensively in the field of youth development at both the community and policy levels. She has designed numerous youth projects and contributed to the creation of platforms that aim at gathering Lebanese youth from various affiliations and backgrounds to work collectively towards rights-based issues and causes. She also advocates the rights of Palestinian youth in Lebanon through the establishment of various synergies and partnerships with different governmental and non- governmental stakeholders. Sabaayon has substantially contributed to the national youth policy process in Lebanon, namely in the formulation and validation of its content, along with concerting networking and lobbying efforts, which led eventually to the endorsement of the youth policy in April 2012. She is also a specialized trainer on advocacy and lobbying.

Last modified: 01/08/2019

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