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Major Positions

First woman to be elected to the parliament from outside the political parties.
Journalist and Television Host.

Major Accomplishments

Paula Yacoubian is a Lebanese Political Activist and Lawmaker. She was previously known as a journalist and a television host, and became one of Lebanon’s most prominent television personalities. She has worked at a number of Lebanese and pan-Arab international television stations, and is known for the enormous impact she's had in each organization she has managed and within the broader community. Yacoubian was one of the experts chosen by the World Bank Group for its External Advisory Panel for Diversity and Inclusion due to her advocacy for women’s rights, her efforts for women’s empowerment, and for being a fierce defender of an electoral quota for women and a fairer electoral law in Lebanon.

In 2018, she successfully campaigned for a seat in the Lebanese Parliament representing the Beirut I District, and became the first woman to be elected to the parliament from outside the political parties. Throughout her career, Yacoubian has been a strong defender of the environment and has promoted many environmental protection programs. Even before her election to the parliament, she fought against all government decisions that had the potential to cause real ecological harm to her country (waste collection, pollution, trash incinerators, etc.). Yacoubian has received many awards throughout her career. In 2017, she received the "Officier De L'Ordre de la Couronne" (Officer of the Order of the Crown) from King Philippe I of Belgium, in recognition of all of her work.

Last modified: 01/09/2019

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