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Major Positions

Minister of Social Development, Family and Solidarity.
Member of the House of Representatives.
Member of several Boards of Directors.
Human Rights Advocate.

Major Accomplishments

Nouzha Skalli served as Minister of Social Development, Family and Solidarity from 2007-2011. This nomination came to crown her rich and committed career of political activism. In 1975, she participated in the Green March for the liberation of the Moroccan provinces in the Sahara that were under Spanish occupation. Skali is also known for her work in favor of women's rights and equality of the genders and against all forms of injustice and discrimination. Skalli is known for her advocacy for human rights such as: political participation of women, the rights of the handicapped, and laws against violence and early marriage. Skalli is also the first personality in the Moroccan government to propose the legalization of abortion in some cases. Skalli is also a pharmacist, chair of the union of pharmacists of Casablanca, and chair of the National Federation of Trade Unions Pharmacists of Morocco.

On the political front, back in 1985, Skalli was founder and one of the leaders of the Association of Democratic Women of Morocco. She then became one of the founders of the Moroccan Organization of Human Rights in 1990, founder of the National Committee for Women’s Participation in Political Life in Casablanca in 1992, founder of the Center for Listening and Legal Assistance to Women Victims of Violence in 1995, founder and facilitator of the Center for Female Leadership in 1997, and an elected member of the Municipal Council of Sidi Belyout in 1997. Skalli also served as MPP in the House of Representatives from 2002-2007 and 2011-2016. In 2003, she was made the first woman leader of the Parliamentary Group, fighting for many years to abolish the death sentence. She is co-founder of the Network of Parliamentarians Against the Penalty of Death, an organization created in 2013 bringing together nearly 240 Moroccan parliamentarians.

On an international scale, Skalli is a member of the Board of Directors of the Institute for Cultural Diplomacy based in Berlin, Board of Directors of the Foundation “Women for Africa” based in Madrid, an expert at the Inter-parliamentary Union based in Geneva. She has also won many awards, including receiving the Gold Medal of the President of the Italian Republic in 2011, and being named as Decorated Knight of the Legion of Honor by the French Republic in 2012.

Last modified: 01/09/2019

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