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Major Positions

Professor of Family Law, Algiers University.
Expert on Women in Algerian Politics.

Major Accomplishments

Nadia Ait Zai is a lecturer in Family Law at Algiers University, a committed campaigner for women’s rights in the Maghreb, and founder of the Information and Documentation Centre for Children's and Women's Rights (CIDDEF) in Algiers, which was set up to document the history of the women’s movement—in Algeria, in the Maghreb, in Europe and worldwide. She is a founding member of the Maghreb Equality Collective. She is the co-author of 100 Proposals for an Alternative Islamic Family Code in the Maghreb (2003) and Dalil for equality in the Family in the Maghreb (2003). She is also a co-author of Algeria’s first official survey on violence against women, published in 2005 by the National Institute for Public Health. Since its creation, CIDDEF promotes children and women’s rights in Algeria and the region through capacity-building, awareness-raising, policy development, and research activities.

Last modified: 01/09/2019

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