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Major Positions

Managing Director of World of Letters.
Co-founder of JoWomenomics.
National Coordinator of the Women as Partners in Progress project.

Major Accomplishments

Mayyada Abu Jaber is the is the CEO of the World of Letters, a social enterprise to promote quality education in the MENA region, and co-founder of JoWomenomics, an independent non-profit organization to foster mindset change in favor for women's economic activity. Abu Jaber has over 20 years’ experience of leading strategy, organization development, and international projects. She was selected as a Brookings Institution Echidna Global Scholar to evaluate gender bias with regards to Womenomics in the Jordanian curriculum. Earlier, she was the founding CEO of the Jordan Education For Employment (EFE), and created the first demand-driven model to generate employment, gained commitment from the private sector, set up private/public partnerships, raised funds and trained 4000 youth in Jordan.
Abu Jaber was invited by President Clinton to share her expertise at the Clinton Global Initiative. She directed many educational projects and worked closely on the Education Reform for Knowledge Economy (ERfKE). Abu Jaber also served as an educational consultant at the office of Her Majesty Queen Rania Abdullah II. Abu Jaber is the National Coordinator of the Women as Partners in Progress project. She has a Master's degree from Duke University.

Last modified: 01/08/2019

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