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Major Positions

Capacity Building Manager, Head of leadership management international licensee, Entrepreneurship & Livelihood project management at Al Majmoua

Senior Microfinance Trainer at Sanabel

Vice President at SALAMA

UN Gender Auditor at ITCILO

Major Accomplishments

Manal Hassoun has more than 15 years of experience in socio-economic development and training, especially in entrepreneurship, business development, microfinance, women, youth and population policies in the Arab world. Hassoun is currently a Capacity Building Manager and Business Development Advisor at Al Majmoua, a freelance regional expert, a Youth Advisor to the League of Arab States – Youth and Population section, and the Vice President of Salama Organization for family health. She has a Masters in Social Development from the Lebanese University. 

At Al Majmoua, Hassoun established an entrepreneurship and business development services department to provide livelihood and non-financial services for Al Majmoua clients and community entrepreneurs, refugees through partnership with the government, and the private sector on national, regional and international levels. Also, she established a capacity building department and loan officer academy to generate microfinance practitioners to Al Majmoua that served more than 1,000 cumulative employees from loan officers, middle managers and senior manager through curricula development, training trainers and providing training services.

Hassoun works in microfinance and the socio-economic sector in Lebanon and the Arab world, as a UN Gender Auditor, international microfinance expert, and accredited trainer from many international and regional organizations. She has delivered a large number of training courses in the Arab world, such as in Yemen, Egypt, Morocco, Iraq, Syria, Tunisia, and Lebanon for more than 13,000 beneficiaries. She has also developed and adapted several training curricula, training strategies, manuals and training materials on management, staff capacity building, microfinance and entrepreneurship, gender and youth.

Last modified: 02/11/2019

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