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Major Positions

Film Director.
Leading actress, theatre director, and professor of body language at Higher Institute of Dramatic Arts.
Human Rights Activist.

Major Accomplishments

Latefa Ahrrare is a Moroccan leading actress, theatre director, and a professor of body language at the Higher Institute of Dramatic Arts in Morocco. She studied Arts at the ISADAC. Ahrrare performs on TV, theatre, and in Moroccan and international cinema. She has also directed several theatre performances. She is the director of Cont’N’Art, which is a theatrical space and a versatile performance venue in Morocco which aims to democratize culture and arts in Morocco.
Ahrrare is also a founding member of many Moroccan festivals and coordinator of many Moroccan multicultural events abroad. She has received many awards in Morocco and in international festivals for her outstanding career in theatre, TV, and cinema. Ahrrare is a cultural activist and founding member of many NGOs working on promoting the culture of human rights and freedom.

Last modified: 01/09/2019

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