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Major Positions

CBC Lead Anchor.
Executive Editor in Chief of Al Alam Al Youm.

Major Accomplishments

Lamis Elhadidy is a well-known Egyptian journalist and CBC Lead Anchor who is recognized as one of the most influential women in Africa and the Arab world (Jeune Afrique 2015, Arabian Business 2015); and described by her fierce opponents as the most influential anchor on Egyptian TV. Elhadidy is known for her fearless and forthright view and hard talk interview style. She has always been the first choice journalist of presidents, high ranking officials, key news makers and top intellectuals. She has courageously withstood life threats from the Muslim Brotherhood and religious fundamentalists. Neither verbal nor physical assaults stopped her from speaking out on air. Many opinion related lawsuits were filed against her--one of which was a case in 2013 on charges of "inciting chaos and threatening national security” where she was referred by Egypt’s prosecutor general to the Supreme State Security Prosecution.

Elhadidy is also known for her great impact on business, where she has strongly supported many economic reforms. She was the executive editor in chief of Al Alam Al Youm, Egypt’s first independent business newspaper, and the first woman to hold this position in recent years in the Arab World.

A graduate of the American University in Cairo (1987), Elhadidy worked for top leading regional and international media institutions. She worked for the NBC Network (1987), followed by the Cairo Bureau of the New York Times (1988-1991). She served as the Cairo business correspondent for Al Jazeera (1999 - 2003) then as Cairo bureau chief of CNBC Arabia (2003-2005) and senior business correspondent of Alarabia (2003-2009) before hosting her own show on Egyptian National TV, and subsequently moving to the CBC TV Network of Egypt in 2011 to host its main talk show “Hona Al-Assema”.

She dedicated an entire weekly episode of her talk show to women rights and gender issues, where she revolted against sexual assaults, violence against women, female circumcision, and banning girls from education and right to inheritance. Additionally, she publicly uncovered all laws that upheld injustices against women. Elhadidy was honored by the National Women Council for empowering women through her show. She empowered youth as well by hosting the first entrepreneurship competition show for startups in the Arab World, called "Hona Alshabab” or “Here are the Youth”, which supported growth of the entrepreneurial ecosystem in Egyptian society.

Last modified: 01/09/2019

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