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Major Positions

Executive of the Syrian Women's Network in Gaziantep and Overseer of the weekly program on Radio Rozana (Feminist Morning).
Member of the Committee of Defending Human Rights.

Major Accomplishments

Khawla Dunia is a journalist, poet, and political activist. She has a degree in economics and is a member of the Committee of Defending Human Rights. When the Syrian revolution began in 2011, she worked in humanitarian aid, and she was one of the founders of Najda Now, a relief organization that provides shelter and humanitarian aid to displaced people in the Syrian civil war.

Dunia also documented the revolution continuously as a journalist. She has written about the situation of women in Syria and during the revolution, authored numerous publications including "Syrian Women between Reality and Ambition, Report on the Damascus Declaration Detainees", and a report on the prisoners of the Damascus Spring. Around 2011, she was arrested and spent six months behind bars on the basis of political opposition to the Syrian regime. However, she continued writing.

Her first volume of poetry, Overhasty Poems Before the Missile Falls, was published in 2012. That same year, her essay “Der Aufstand der Frauen – Der Kampf um Würde und Gleichberechtigung” was published in Larissa Bender’s book Syrien, der schwierige Weg in die Freiheit. In 2013, she wrote a chapter about Syria in the PEN Translation Award-winning book: Writing Revolution, Voices From Tunis to Damascus.

In 2014, she moved to Germany and contributed to two books in German: Weg sein – hier sein (2016), and OHNE WORTE? – MIT ANDEREN WORTEN (2017). She is also still responsible for the women's section in the Abwab Magazine for refugees in Germany. In 2017, she moved to Turkey and worked for two years as an Executive of the Syrian Women's Network in Gaziantep, which works to empower and build the capacity of Syrian women in decision making positions. Currently, she also oversees the weekly program on Radio Rozana (Feminist Morning), which is for women to raise awareness about various issues faced by Syrian women.

Last modified: 02/11/2019

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