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Major Positions

Professor of International Law and Human Rights, University of California, Davis.
UNESCO Human Rights Consultant.
Author of Your Fatwa Does Not Apply Here.

Major Accomplishments

Karima Bennoune is a professor of International Law and Human Rights at the University of California, Davis School of Law, and since 2015, she has served as the United Nations Special Rapporteur in the field of cultural rights. In 2007, Bennoune became the first Arab-American to win the Derrick Bell Award from the Association of American Law Schools Section on Minority Groups. She also received the 2016 Rights and Leadership Award from the International Action Network for Gender Equity & Law. She is the Author of Your Fatwa Does Not Apply Here: Untold Stories from the Fight Against Muslim Fundamentalism (2013) which won the 2014 Dayton Literary Peace Prize. The Ted Talk based on the book, "When People of Muslim Heritage Challenge Fundamentalism," has been viewed almost 1.5 million times.

Last modified: 01/09/2019

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