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Major Positions

Campaigner for peace in Yemen.
Member of the UN Women’s Yemeni Women Pact for Peace & Security.
Radio Anchor, Journalist.

Major Accomplishments

Hind Aleryani is a Yemeni writer and radio anchor. She previously led a campaign against qat and is currently campaigning for peace in Yemen. Aleryani is a Yemeni blogger, journalist and recently earned her the Achievement in Public Awareness Award at the annual Arab Women of the Year Awards. As a writer, she has written about being treated differently as a woman, defended religious minorities in Yemen, and interviewed a girl who ran away from home for fear of becoming a child bride.

Aleryani is a member of the UN Women’s Yemeni Women Pact for Peace & Security, and is known for her campaigns. Aleryani has battled against qat, the drug-like leaf chewed by a high percentage of Yemeni people. She has also striven to resolve the conflict in Yemen by starting a campaign during the Kuwait talks, with many influential people on the international scene as well as Yemenis from all walks of life. She holds an MA in Business Administration and has given a TEDxAden presentation about how women can motivate each other.

Last modified: 01/09/2019

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