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Major Positions

President of the Arab Information and Resource Center in Washington, D.C.
Founding member of the Syrian High Negotiations Committee.
Political Activist.

Major Accomplishments

Farah Al Atassi is a recognized political activist, entrepreneur, intellectual, and expert in women issues and US-Middle Eastern affairs. She is the founder and President of the Arab Information & Resource Center in Washington, D.C., which provides all kinds of international consultancy, translations, language services, research, media monitoring, cross cultural activities, strategic assessment, and analysis to both U.S. and Arab governments, NGOs, and corporations.

Al Atassi was also a well-known political leader and activist in the Arab Spring and the Syrian Revolution and has appeared on American and Arab channels discussing Syrian domestic issues and supporting the people of Syria in their journey for freedom, change, and democratic transition. She is a leading founding member of the Syrian High Negotiations Committee representing the Independents Block and participated in all Syrian peace talks in Geneva, and all other international conferences on Syria and the Middle East.

Al Atassi was chosen as an Ambassador of Peace by United Nations Universal Peace Foundation for her work and efforts in encouraging peace and security, interfaith dialogue, and building cultural bridges between United States and the Arab World. Al Atassi holds an MA in English Literature, Philosophy, and History. She has been awarded many certificates of appreciation from major U.S. and Arab organizations for her work and activism in the field of peace and security, global diplomacy, writing, business, human & women rights and political media. Al Atassi has also authored many publications in Arabic and English and published a collection of short stories entitled The Mask. She writes and appears frequently on Arab, Middle Eastern, and American media discussing Syrian, Middle Eastern, American issues and the role of women in peace and security.

Last modified: 01/08/2019

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