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Major Positions

Member of the Moroccan House of Representatives.

Major Accomplishments

Dr. Hasna Abouzaid is a political leader who entered the political sector from the pharmacy world. She holds a doctorate in pharmacy and an MBA in business administration. Abouzaid was a member of the Moroccan House of Representatives from 2011-2016, Vice President of the Social Sector Committee between 2011- 2014 and Deputy Chairperson of the Committee on Public Finance. She was nominated for the chairmanship of the Socialist Party in the House of Representatives. She was the first woman federal leader to run for this traditionally male post and was voted in by the majority members of the body of the largest left-wing party in Morocco.

Perhaps the most important characteristic of Abouzaid is her parliamentary effectiveness and intensive presence on committees in various areas of Morocco. She fought to integrate the issue of women's equality in various activities: the workshops of Morocco's structural transformation in terms of public policies and the adoption of new policies based on the equality of women and men in the use of public utilities and public services.

Abouzaid believes in the importance of launching a new renaissance in order to address women's issues and in building on the achievements of the women's movement to cope with the social and political transformations that Morocco is experiencing. The political and parliamentary path of Abouzaid reflected her conviction that the Moroccan and Islamic societies should be protected from the negative effects of religiosity on the level of political action. She believes that certain religious interpretations deepen the crisis among the relationship between the system of government and civil society. Her talks with Moroccan Minister of Justice and Freedoms Mustapha Al Ramid regarding criminal policy and its repressive tendencies clearly illustrate the seriousness of distortions caused by religious authoritarianism that affect democratic values.

Last modified: 01/09/2019

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