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Major Positions

Senior Psychologist and Art Psychotherapist.
Vice Dean of the College of Architecture at Kuwait University.
Assistant Professor of Visual and Communication Design at Kuwait University.

Major Accomplishments

Dr. Amar Behbehani is a professor of Design and Innovation Studies at the College of Architecture at Kuwait University. She is also a Senior Psychologist and certified Creative Psychotherapist at one of the mental health clinics in Kuwait. Her passion for creativity, innovation, and wellness led her to pursue and receive her Doctoral degrees in Art Therapy and Education from Florida State University, FL.

She is an activist who believes in equality and equal opportunity learning and development. She is the President of Soroptimist Kuwait, a local and International NGO affiliated with the UN. She has also been a founding board member of this society since it’s establishment in 2015. As one of the woman leaders in Kuwait, she believes in hands-on active role playing on both societal and leadership levels. She is aiming to educate the youth to help them be catalysts of change.

Behbehani also considers herself a life-scientist who has a passion for improving the quality of life through education, innovation, creativity, and the compassion of community service. She is the founder of Wellness Kuwait initiative that targets the innovation of human wellness in different personal, social, and cultural environments. She is an innovation and education consultant to numerous corporate and nonprofit organizations in Kuwait. Behbehani is a certified Leadership trainer that developed and executed personalized programs for several government and non-governmental entities.

Last modified: 01/08/2019

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