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Major Positions

First women to have been appointed by the Lebanese government as Ambassador to the United Nations.

Major Accomplishments

Dr. Amal Mudallali was appointed, in 2017, by the Lebanese Cabinet as the Permanent Representative for Lebanon at the United Nations. Mudallali has been the advisor on American affairs to Prime Minister Saad Hariri since 2005. Her work focuses on strengthening the relationship with the U.S. administration, Congress, the policy community, and the media. She followed United Nations issues for the Prime Minister, especially The Special Tribunal for Lebanon, since 2005. Since she moved to Washington, D.C., Mudallali has participated in several UN conferences that focused on peacekeeping and humanitarian situations- especially the refugee issue. From 2013-2016, Mudallali was a senior Scholar at the Woodrow Wilson Center in Washington, focusing on American-Arab relations, the Middle East (Lebanon, Syria, Egypt, Iraq, Yemen), Iran-Arab and Russian-Arab relations, the United Nations, and nuclear proliferation in the region. She is also the founder and President of Bridges International Group, a political consulting firm in Washington.

Between 2000 and 2005, Mudallali served as a foreign policy advisor to Prime Minister Rafik Hariri, and between 1998-2000, served as a spokeswoman and communications director for the International press in Prime Minister Hariri’s office. Mudallali is also an international journalist who wrote articles on American policy toward the Arab World and the Middle East focusing on major issues in the region. Her articles appeared in Foreign Policy, The National Interest, CNN Online, Al Hayat newspaper, Al Riyadh, Al Sharq Al Awsat, An Nahar, and Al Monitor. She also appears regularly on Arab and American TV stations, discussing American policy toward Lebanon and the Middle East.

Earlier in her career, Mudallali worked in Washington as a foreign correspondent for the BBC Arabic service radio and TV, as well as for MBC TV, WTN, Future TV, Deutsche Welle, Germany, and Radio Netherlands. She also was the Washington correspondent for An-Nahar and Al-Riyadh newspapers. She contributed to CNN World report, and was a guest contributor on many American news programs focusing on Middle East issues and their impact on international security. Mudallali conceived and edited a book published by the office of Prime Minister Saad Hariri, titled The United Nations For Lebanon, UN Resolutions on Lebanon 1958-2008 (2009).

Mudallali has a Ph.D. in political communication from the University of Maryland. She has received several awards such as the French Legion of Honor awarded to her by President Jacques Chirac, and the 2011 University of Maryland Achievement Award, from the Department of Journalism.

Last modified: 01/08/2019

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