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Major Positions


Founder and Executive Director of Justice Without Frontiers

Consultant to several UN agencies regarding justice issues

Major Accomplishments

Brigitte Chelebian is an Attorney at Law and the Executive Director/Founder of Justice Without Frontiers (JWF) organization, which works to defend and promote the values of human rights based on International treaties and conventions, and to advance justice, democratic change, rule of law and equality towards Access to Justice and Information and towards International Criminal Justice – the first organization of its kind in Lebanon.

As Founder of Justice Without Frontiers, Brigitte Chelebian has led pioneering work in Lebanon and the wider Middle East to promote the rights of atrocity victims, including women and children affected by sexual and gender based violence in conflict, build stronger national and regional institutions to protect against these crimes, and create access to legal support for victims. She conducted and managed several programs related to Women’s access to Justice, Child protection, Personal Status Laws, International Criminal Justice, Trafficking, Stateless, UN Security Council Resolution 1325. She is appointed as a professional trainer and legal expert and consultant by UNFPA, UNDP, UNHCR, FIDH, ABA, GFA consulting group and other International and UN Agencies and commercial companies. She is member of the steering committee of the Coalition for the International Criminal Court, and member in the family committee and women committee at the Beirut Bar Association.

She joined the Bar of Beirut in 1995. She was one of the founders of two important Lebanese civil society organizations: The Lebanese League to Resist Violence against Women (LECORVAW); and KAFA: Enough Violence and Exploitation.

Last modified: 02/11/2019

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