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Major Positions

Cultural and Social Activist.

Major Accomplishments

Aseel AlYaqoub is an award-winning artist who explores her Kuwaiti identity and her country’s complex history through socially engaged art. In 2013, she pursued a Master's of Fine Arts at the Pratt Institute in Brooklyn. AlYaqoub won the Jameel Art Center’s inaugural art commission, for which they've created an immersive light installation called "Contrary Life: A Botanical Light Garden Devoted to Trees.
"Installed in the desert-inspired courtyards of the organization’s new building in Dubai, they will address a vanishing history of a different kind. “In the rush to build neon-filled mega cities, there’s been a loss of our natural environment which is also a living part of our heritage. We wanted to present an imaginary and improved past similar to architecture, by proposing an illuminated botanical garden featuring new hybrid species based on local plants,” says AlYaqoub, who continues to use her critical eye as an artist to address issues impacting future generations in Kuwait and the region.

Last modified: 01/09/2019

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