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Civil Society Organizations

Civil Society Organizations: The Advocates of Reform and Change

This directory of civil society organizations is in recognition of how active civil societies are in the Arab countries. The directory is also a testament to the power these organizations have in influencing individual and community action within their societies.

These organizations can and do initiate change within their societies and their countries especially when they collaborate with other organizations to form powerful coalitions with clear objectives towards clear goals. These organizations also collaborate with national and international partners to achieve the reforms and changes they are aiming at. 

Civil society organizations play a crucial role within their countries because they can and do lead grass-roots initiatives and advocate for an agenda that advances the roles of women and men. They can form networks and action groups to promote equality between women and men, girls and boys. They are the voice and the advocates that significantly contribute to changing laws in favor of equality, and support leaders of all sectors who are working to advance equality.