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Yemen Organization for Defending Rights & Democratic Freedoms (YODRDF)




Yemen Organization for Defending Rights & Democratic Freedoms (YODRDF) is a non-governmental organization working on a local and regional level. Founded in 1993 and launching its activities in 2000, the organization was able to get a license in 2012 after the revolution in Yemen. The organization's mission is to enhance, support, promote and defend basic principles of human rights for all people no matter their race, gender, or ethnicity. YODRDF's vision is to be an efficient and transparent non-profit organization that focuses on human rights issues, reaching and supporting victims around the country, and strongly seeking to change practice and policy of those violating human rights.

The importance of establishing such an organization comes from the need to have a national role in supporting and protecting freedoms and rights, and commitment to the constitution. The importance extends to observing and registering violations such as forced disappearance, torture, political arrests, discrimination, unfair trials, and trials that are unconstitutional. It is considered a basic principle in their vision to develop civil and democratic rights, freedom from rights violations, and freedom of religious beliefs for all people.



Executive Director: Emad Al-Garash

Last modified: 04/26/2019

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