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Syrian League for Citizenship (SL4C)




Syrian League for Citizenship (SL4C) is a civil voluntary association for all those who wish to work on reinforcing citizenship and its values in Syria in terms of relationship between citizens, between citizens and the state, and between citizens and the environment they live in. The league is not a political association but it seeks to have an impact on civil society.
The league believes that Citizenship is based on four main bases: freedom, equality, participation, and responsibility. The league is supported by many values, but the most important ones are: solidarity, politeness, civic awareness, and humanity. All citizens, without any discrimination and without exception or any kind of guardianship, have the same rights and duties, based on aware and active participation in building all aspects of life: social, political, cultural, legal, and economic, among others. The league also focuses on women's and gender issues.



Head of Organisation: Dr. Hassan Abbas

Last modified: 04/26/2019

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