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SOUL for Development is committed to raising the quality of life of women, children and youth through implementing development projects, doing research, and creating partnerships with stakeholders. SOUL has a deep and broad knowledge of the economic and social context of the Yemeni society, and first-hand experience of the needs of local communities.
In nearly twenty years since its establishment, SOUL has succeeded in pioneering the provision of quality development projects and programs through implementing over 120 development projects/programs and 27 research and studies. During the past three years alone, SOUL has executed multiple programs in which it has applied the learning gained from its research activities and adopted different approaches in implementing humanitarian assistance programs where local communities play a catalyst role in identifying needs and following up progress. SOUL believes in collective action and hence always seeks to establish partnerships based on mutual respect and shared vision with NGOs, the private sector, the government and international institutions.



Head of Business Development Unit: Dr. Fatima A.K. Sallam

Last modified: 04/26/2019

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