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Soroptimist Kuwait was formed in 2015. It is affiliated with Soroptimist International (SI), a global Non Governmental Organization of professional women who volunteer to improve the lives of women and girls through programs leading to social and economic empowerment all over the world. Soroptimists have a long and active history. SI was founded in the United States in 1921, and it is now composed of over 80,000 members in over 132 countries and territories around the world. Today it retains prominent status with international organizations that are concerned with women issues, such as UNESCO, ECO SOC, ILO, UNIDO, FAO, UN Women, CSW, CEDAW, WHO, UNHCR, and OHCHR.

Soroptimist Kuwait inspires action and creates opportunities to transform the lives of women and girls through a global network of members and international partnerships. We strive to achieve the best for women in every sphere of their lives by focusing on Advocacy, Action, and Awareness in 5 Areas: Women Economic Empowerment; Education & Learning; Environment; Food Security, Health, and Wellbeing; and Ending Violence Against Women.



Head of the Organization: Dr. Amar Behbehani

Last modified: 04/26/2019

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