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Justice without Frontiers (JWF) is a non-governmental and nonprofit juristic civil organization, free from political, religious, gender-based, and ethnic divisions. JWF is committed to the International Human Rights law and International Humanitarian Law and abides by their provisions. JWF was founded in 2005, and is registered in Lebanon under number 269/2015. Through its journey, JWF has drawn a clear vision towards a free, justice, democratic, and peaceful community that values and protects human rights and equality without discrimination and combats impunity, where no one is left behind.

Since its establishment, Justice Without Frontiers has played a prominent role to promote and protect human rights for most vulnerable groups; particularly, women and children. Over the past few years, the organization put forth concerted and persistent efforts with greater attention to the most critical neglected issues. JWF works within a comprehensive plan joining interlinked goals and objectives, based on experience and hard work. Its mandate is wide-ranging, focusing on the following thematic areas of interventions: access to justice and information for women and children, democratic reforms and rule of law, sexual and gender-based violence at the national and international levels, international criminal justice, and child protection.

The mission of JWF is to defend and promote the values of human rights based on international treaties and conventions, and advance justice, democratic change, rule of law, and equality. In order for the organization to achieve this mission, JWF seeks to raise awareness and education of rights, to build responsive environments empowered with relevant protection mechanisms and law reforms, and to combat impunity.



Founder and Director: Maitre Brigitte Chelebian

Last modified: 04/26/2019

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