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Aswat Nissa ("Women's Voices") is a Tunisian non-governmental feminist organization advocating for gender equality through the integration of the gender approach in public policies. For more than five years Aswat Nissa has been working on improving women’s political participation through the Women’s Political Academy, launched in 2012 and based on three pillars referred to as the 3 C’s: Competence, Confidence and Connection.
In 2017, Aswat Nissa launched its "Women, Peace and Security" project, which aims to facilitate a constructive dialogue between parliament and civil society to adopt a National Action Plan reflecting the different perspectives of Tunisian women on peace and security. Aswat Nissa has been part of the committee that drafted the 1325 Tunisian National Action Plan.
Through its work, Aswat Nissa supported women politicians and equipped them with the right tools in order to be ready for the municipal elections, get elected, and advocate for gender sensitive public policies. Aswat Nissa was awarded the Madeleine K Albright Award from the 2014 Women’s Political Academy. It has a partnership with the Huffington Post Tunisia to give a platform to the Tunisian women to make their voices heard in the media.



President: Mariem Bouattour General Secretary: Farah Ben Mna Treasurer: Mondher Chahef Members of the Bureau: Ahlem Hannachi & Brahim Guedich

Last modified: 04/26/2019

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