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Association Issil pour le Théâtre et l’Animation Culturelle


The Association Issil pour le Théâtre et l’Animation Culturelle was established in 2007 as an organization dedicated to culture and art. Its mission is twofold: to promote access to culture and theater as a means of personal and social development, and to promote human rights using cultural animation techniques as a key instrument for changing attitudes, values, and behaviors.
The organization's activities are organized around two strategic axes of action: Cultural and Intercultural Action, and Theater for Development and Education. The first axis contains actions in Arabic, aimed at the promotion of culture as a leisure activity both in Morocco and abroad. The organization develops exchanges with other national and international collectives aimed at fighting stereotypes. The second axis has actions with the aim of improving awareness and popularization around different themes (health, education, human rights, women's rights, intercultural, etc.) through theater and cultural animation techniques. The organization conducts training for professionals to strengthen the use of theatrical techniques and cultural animation in teaching and disseminating knowledge.



President: Said Ait
Treasurer: Maria Verdu Delgado

Last modified: 04/26/2019

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