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Association Femmes Action Développement (AFAD)


The Algerian Women's Association for Development was founded in 1991 and works to improve the situation of women in Algeria and elsewhere. It carries out ambitious and often pioneering projects in a particularly difficult context for members of civil society. Their most emblematic achievement is "Dar El Insania" (The House of Humanity). This shelter is intended for women in distress- often victims of physical and psychological violence- as emergency accommodation. Their goal is to make these women autonomous and able to care for themselves, since being financially free is a necessary condition for reintegrating into society and being a full citizen. To achieve this, AFAD has set up several training workshops. Sheltered women can acquire skills in sewing, the culinary arts, or computer science. When they leave "Dar El Insania," they can find a job or embark on entrepreneurship. Training, integration, and reintegration of women through social entrepreneurship advances women in the defense of their fundamental rights.
AFAD has also been working for almost two decades in partnership with UNHCR in improving the living conditions of Sahrawis refugees in Sahrawis Refugee Camps in Tindouf, Algeria. To this end, AFAD/UNHCR has developed socio-economic opportunities for Sahrawis refugee women, notably through training and protection centers in camps.



President: Mounira Haddad

Last modified: 04/26/2019

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