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ABAAD– Resource Center for Gender Equality is a UN ECOSOC accredited organization that aims to achieve gender equality as an essential condition to sustainable social and economic development in the MENA region. ABAAD advocates for the development and implementation of policies and laws that enhance women’s effective participation, through a rights-based approach that would bring about tangible change to gender justice. With the purpose of ending gender-based violence, ABAAD adopts a holistic care approach to provide protection and support services to GBV survivors\right holders during times of peace, war and disasters. As a leading agency on gender equality in the MENA region, ABAAD seeks to support and build the capacities of local, regional and international entities that are working to promote human rights, democracy and peacebuilding. Through its pioneer "Masculinities" program, ABAAD also seeks to effectively engage men in working towards achieving an equitable society, free of hegemonic masculinities and violence against women.



Founder and Director: Ghida Anani

Last modified: 04/26/2019

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