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Vision & Mission

Vision and Mission:

The critical significance of this Hub is that for the first time a Hub has been created on Women Leadership in the Arab World. For the first time, Directories have been compiled of Arab Women Pioneers, Leaders, and Organizations supporting women in 15 countries across the Arab World. These Directories of 213 women pioneers, women leaders, and civil society organizations tell a collective story of brave women overcoming barriers, being role models, carving paths, being the shoulders for others to advance; breaking glass ceilings; and exemplifying values of progress, peace and human rights for all; inspiring others; and challenging and shifting mindsets of what is possible.   

As boundary breaking ministers, senators, parliamentarians, judges, lawyers, scientists, heads of organizations, presidents and deans of universities, social entrepreneurs, business entrepreneurs, CEO’s, artists, writers, journalists, and media leaders, they have enriched and advanced their societies. These Directories also attest to the countries in the Arab World where women and men allies have struggled to create a supportive environment, within which women’s efforts can break barriers.  Women pioneers and women leaders have managed to thrive and advance the progress of other women and men, as well as advance the progress within societies.

To suggest an additional pioneer, leader, or civil society organization, please carefully read the below and fill in the appropriate form.

Your Participation

This Hub is a Work-in-Progress and you can suggest new entries. Please submit your recommendation for the addition of a Woman Pioneer or a Woman Leader (with a biography up to 400 words), and or for an Organization (with a description up to 350 words) for any of our 15 countries. Please carefully review the criteria for submission.

Please Submit below.

The HUB Committee will review your suggestion and make a decision regarding inclusion in this HUB.


Selection Criteria

The WPP HUB Selection Committee uses the following criteria:

Women Pioneers HUB Selection Criteria

  1. She accomplished a significant 'first' in her country, in an important field
  2. She was among the first to have taken action
  3. Her action had a great impact on her community and country
  4. Her action was done outside of the norm
  5. If she did not meet Criterion 1, she must have met criteria 2, 3, and 4 to be considered a Pioneer
  6. Her approval of inclusion in the Hub, of her bio, and of the use of her photograph

Women Leaders HUB Selection Criteria

  1. She has contributed to women's issues (i.e. women, girls, children, human rights, equality, poverty, advancing society as a whole)
  2. She is a currently living, known professional in her field, respected by her peers, and with recognized impact
  3. She is one of the leaders in the sector in which she works, such as the political, the economic, the academic, the scientific, the legal, and the civil society sector
  4. She is multifaceted professionally and in her achievements
  5. If she is an Arab who does not currently live in her country, so long as her work is still linked, in one way or another, to the advancement of Arab women and their causes, she may be considered
  6. Her approval of inclusion in the Hub, of her bio, and of the use of her photograph

Organizations HUB Selection Criteria

  1. Based in one of the 15 Countries currently featured in this HUB
  2. Supporting the advancement of women is either all or a substantial part of the organization’s program
  3. The approval of the organization’s leader for inclusion in the Hub, and approval of the organization’s description is needed

Submission Form

Thank you for participating in enriching the WPP HUB. We value your suggestion. The WPP HUB Committee will review your suggestion and make a decision regarding inclusion in this HUB. Please complete:

Contributor Information

Contact Information

Your Suggestion

Pioneer, Leader, or Organization Information
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