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Launched by the Women as Partners in Progress (WPP) Project, this Knowledge Center/ HUB is designed to acknowledge and support the advancement of Arab Women’s progress by Arab Women Pioneers, Leaders, and Arab civil society organizations.

The HUB is a work-in-progress providing Knowledge Resources and networks for women and their allies in the Arab world and internationally. It is designed for all who are curious about women in the Arab world:  women, men and families, policy makers, NGOs, women’s organizations, research institutes, business people, international development agencies, university students, and the media, among others. 


A dynamic and expanding resource, the HUB currently contains:

  • Three Directories
    • Women Pioneers from 15 Arab Countries
    • Women Leaders from 15 Arab Countries
    • Civil Society Organizations Supporting Issues Impacting Women in the 15 Arab Countries
  • Three Knowledge Seminars with five presentations
  • Progress Report in the form of a matrix about the intersection of gender with socio-economic and political sectors and stating progress made to date in these Arab Countries
  • A Bibliography citing research by individual researchers as well as local and international think tanks, research centers and institutes, organizations, and other sources of knowledge
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